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09th Jun 2022

Domino’s will give any couple that stays together after Love Island free pizza for life

Fiona Frawley

Georgia from Love Island by a pool in a red bikini, holding a domino's loyal card

A good incentive to be loyal, babes.

As the lukewarm chat and concerning age gaps in the villa continue, it’s hard to know at this stage if any of the couples will stand the test of time. Are Davide and Gemma in it for the long haul? Or is she just looking for a lift home after her GCSES? Will Paige get on board with Luca’s Winston Churchill tattoo? It’s all to play for.

However, as of today there’s so much more on the line than the £50k prize.

To celebrate the return of Love Island and subsequent cancelling of all plans, Domino’s are offering a Loyal Card to fans watching at home – you can nab one by keeping an eye on Domino’s Twitter and “sharing a stand-out display of loyalty”.

But there’s more.

Domino’s have pledged to offer free pizza for life to any Love Island couple who stays together outside of the villa. Once they break up or “decouple”, the free pizza pass will be revoked.

You’ve heard of couples “staying together for the kids”, now get ready for couples staying together for free pizza. It just makes sense.

Domino’s have teamed up with Ms Loyal, ex islander Georgia Steele to launch the Loyal Card.

Georgia had this to say:

It’s all fun and games when you’re in the villa, but the real challenge is staying #Loyal on the outside.

Always on brand.

Header image via Domino’s 

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