Dubliner Dami Hope confirmed for this year's Love Island lineup

By Fiona Frawley

May 30, 2022 at 11:14am


It's happening.

In just a weeks time plans will be cancelled and group chats will buzz as we settle down at 9pm with popcorn in one hand, Twitter open in the other, allowing Iain Stirling's commentary and stock video footage of cliffs in Majorca to fill up our senses once more.

That's right friends, Love Island is back.

After a particularly tumultuous season last year, many of us swore off the show for good. The vibes, as Kim K would say, were simply off.

This year, ITV have confirmed they'll be omitting some of the more triggering challenges from the show - after years of campaigning (as our pal Emer would say), the food challenge, where contestants pass spag bol, milkshakes, burgers and other sludge to each other using what can only be described as the baby bird method, has been scrapped. The controversial Casa Amor postcards also won't be making a comeback this year.

As well as this, for the first time since since Yewande Biala graced our screens in 2019, there's an Irish contestant in the original lineup.


(To be read in Cilla Black Blind Date voice): His name is Dami Hope, he's 26 and he's a microbiologist from Dublin.

Dami describes himself as very passionate (he's an Aries), funny, and an occasional unintentional trouble maker - "I don’t know if I will cause trouble, I’ll try not to cause trouble but sometimes you don’t intentionally cause trouble - but it happens!"

He didn't mention his ability to colour coordinate with petrol stations and fruit-and-veg aisles, but as we can see here, he clearly has a gift.


Dami is one of six other contestants who've been announced so far - Paige, a paramedic from Wales, Indiyah, a hotel waitress from London, Liam, a student from Wales, Tasha, a model and dancer from Thirsk and Davide, a business owner from Manchester via Italy.

Love Island kicks off next Monday (6th) at 9pm.

Header image via Instagram/loveisland

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