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06th Dec 2019

22 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Easy To Keep And Will Change Your Life

Darragh Berry

People get so bogged down with New Year’s Resolutions. It makes them feel down and why? Because they don’t accomplish them.

Why don’t they accomplish them? Because they set unrealistic targets.

I’ve found in recent years that setting and hitting various small, achievable goals is more rewarding than just completing one massive target out of 5.

Don’t get me wrong, hitting the massive target is a great reward but wouldn’t it be better to have tens of other tiny wins lined up for the year also.

Here are Resolutions for the New Year that are easy to maintain and will be hugely beneficial to your life.

1. Sticking as much colour on your plate as possible

In other words, reward yourself for how much veggies and fruit is added to your diet.

2. Meditation

Nothing makes you unwind easier from a hard day at work than taking five minutes out, sitting with your legs crossed and just emptying your mind. It’s a perfect way to switch from work mode to off mode.

3. Make a routine for at least 4 days a week

We’re not talking about routine of going to work and going home.

We mean wake up at the same time, go to sleep at the same time. Spend x amount of time watching television.

Go to the gym at the same time. Even if you’re completely all over the place for 3 days of the week, you can be safe in the knowledge that you were organised for more days of the week than organised.

It also makes it easier to hit reset at the end of day 3 off and get back into routine.

4. Drink more water

Slowly try to replace your coffee or tea habit with a glass of water instead. Try and drink a 2 litre bottle of water at least 3 times a week.

5. 30 minutes extra sleep:

You know when you go to bed but don’t really go to sleep because you end up scrolling on your phone.

Well, going to sleep an extra 30 minutes earlier could mean a longer and more restful sleep.

You should try to get to sleep at 10pm at least twice a week too.

6. Exercise at least 15 minutes each day:

We don’t care if you’re hungover as feck and having a massive blowout. Even walking to the takeaway to get your food or to the deli in the morning for the breakfast roll is beneficial to you. If you’re stuck to the couch for the day, even just get up for two minutes every half hour or so and move about the house.

7. Stop Snacking:

You’ve just had lunch and it’s an hour or two until home time. If hunger hits, try your best to have a swig of that 2 litre bottle of water instead of reaching for the bread in the office. And if the stomach is about to fall off you, go for the fruit option instead.

8. Start the penny challenge

You couldn’t imagine the amount of money you’d save by starting this challenge with just a one cent coin.

9. Talk less and listen more:

In order to become better people, we need to become better listeners. Leadership Expert, Eric Papp believes that for every word we say, we should listen twice as much.

10. Reach out to an old or lost friend:

Meet up with them for a coffee or a pint at the start of Christmas. It’ll help you beat the January Blues and could also spawn the recreation of renewed friendship.

11. Have one morning/day/evening where you do absolutely nothing:

Cancel all plans.

Life is so stressful, there needs to be an off button. If you can flick that off for 24 hours, great. But even just taking a few hours of a morning you have off to do absolutely nothing will be rewarding when it comes to the end of a draining day elsewhere.

12. Stop Procrastinating:

Even when it comes to these resolutions. Start them bang on New Year’s Day, don’t say ‘tomorrow’. Tomorrow is irrelevant. If there’s something due tomorrow that can be completed today, do it. Because you do not know what you’ll be faced with at the start of each day.

13. Take a risk at least once a week:

We hear the phrase ‘do something that scares you’, it doesn’t have to be that intense. Try a different food, increase the weight on the bar and believe you can lift it, try the fastest zipline in the world. Just do something each week that you can tick off your list and say been there, done that, next.

14. Empty your pocket/purse after a night out and throw any spare change in a box:

Receipts and all. This is a great way of saving up, what you didn’t realise you had, you won’t miss.

15. Listen to one podcast a day:

Whether it’s 30 minutes or one hour and a half, I recommend listening to a podcast on your commute home. Traffic and commutes frustrate people no end and it shouldn’t.

You can’t control traffic, so instead spend the time standing still informing yourself on current affairs, sport, music, lifestyle or even fictitious events. Just take your mind off that traffic and before you know it, you’ll be home.

16. Stop folding your arms

Folding your arms shows that you’re very unwelcoming and unconfident according to experts. If you’re very self-conscious, this little tweak could be the stepping stone in becoming more comfortable in your environment.

17. Forget last year:

If your heart was broken, you and your best friend fell out or you think your boss is your worst enemy, forget it all.

This is a new year, either settle those grudges by meeting the problem head on or just forget about it entirely and put it in the past.

18. Travel somewhere new at least once a month:

We’re not talking jet setting every 30 days. There’s no better place to start than in Ireland and it’s very easy to visit at least one new county a month when you’re staying within the country.

19. Cook something new at least one a week:

Even if you’re starting January cooking a funky type of pasta by the middle of the month, you could be well on your way for giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money.

20. Get off your phone on a night out:

Start enjoying your nights out again. Take out your phone only once every 45 minutes or so. You don’t realise the craic you miss when you’re sending an unnecessary text or missing nothing on Facebook.

21. Become more social:

We don’t mean become a 24 hour party person. Try and head to at least two social gatherings each month.

22. Keep a journal

Jot down your highs and lows from the week. Put your highs on a platform and after your write down your lows, accept them and scribble them out immediately.

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