Eight pop-culture podcasts we're loving right now

By Sarah Finnan

March 5, 2021 at 3:52pm

Eight pop-culture podcasts we're loving right now

Going on so many walks means that we're all in need of new listening recommendations and these pop-culture podcasts have been great company any time we head out for some fresh air and to get our steps in.

Pop-culture makes up the very bones of the content we consume on a daily basis. We're bombarded with it from the minute we open our eyes in the morning to the minute we finally put our phones down at night. It encompasses everything from the music we listen to, to the programmes we binge-watch online.

A fairly loose term, anything that creates a 'buzz' can be considered pop-culture these days and the rise of social media and the internet means that once something attracts attention, it's likely to blow up fairly soon after... metaphorically speaking, of course.

Pop-culture is one of those things that will always be interesting to us though. As unpredictable as the good old Irish weather, trends come and go but looking back on what was once deemed 'cool' is half the fun anyway.

Here are eight of our fave pop-culture podcasts out there at the min.


Now several weeks into what admittedly feels like a never-ending lockdown, we're all craving socialisation... or at least I am. I miss doing things and going places and having something to say other than 'what's for dinner?'. And by God, do I miss my friends.

Filling the void that in-person interactions have left, Poptartz is just the tonic for a bad day. Essentially a gas conversation between two pop-culture queens, each ep sees Katie and Aaron dissect the week's major stories with a few scandalous throwbacks thrown in for good measure too.

Prosecco optional but recommended for the full 'catchin up with the gals' experience.

I'm Grand Mam 

I've been a big fan of I'm Grand Mam since a fellow Lovin team member introduced me to the pod way back in 2019. Thirty seconds in and I was hooked. So much so that I ended up dropping my phone down a roadside drain because I was laughing so much... but that's a story for another day.

Headed up by "two Irish mammy's boys" over in London, they basically just have a good old chinwag together - most often over a cuppa with a few iconic bops thrown in for good measure. Can safely say that listening to I'm Grand Mam on my daily walks has helped me get through lockdown.

Sentimental in the City

News that a Sex and the City reboot is in the works (sans Samantha though, sigh), means that all eyes are on the original series. An iconic piece of American television, it's been the subject of many an article, discussion and now a podcast too with Irish author Caroline O'Donoghue teaming up with fellow writer Dolly Alderton to bring us Sentimental in the City.

Only a new venture, this pop-culture podcast - itself a mini-series of Caroline's original podcast, Sentimental Garbage - intends to break down each episode for "the great American novel it truly is". Dolly's summation of the content plan is as follows:

"Expect topics such as: the shadow of Samantha Jones’ tragic childhood, the loneliness of Big’s granite kitchen, the lost reunion shag of Samantha and Wesley York, Natasha’s past life as a bar-top dancer and whether Pete the dog knew about Carrie’s affair."

Riveting stuff, I think you'll agree.

It's Britney, Bitch

The world has always been obsessed with Britney Spears, but public interest in the singer has definitely reached new heights since the Framing Britney Spears documentary premiered last month.

Proving that they were always fans, best friends T. Kyle and Bradley Stern set up the It's Britney, Bitch podcast to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Brit's debut album. Classed as a "music commentary podcast", they basically just chat through their own "very gay memories" of the living legend.



Surely you've heard of Bandwagons by now, but if not... it's a podcast in which Fionnuala Jones and Bríd Browne talk about things that other people are talking about.  From Game of Thrones to artists on the comeback trail, Love Island, festivals and former Toy Show stars - you name it, they're likely to have covered it.

So, whether you know what you're on about or need some catching up, the gals have done the groundwork and will fill you in on the who's who and what's what of modern life.


Up to 90 

Hats off to Emma Doran and Julie Jay for a truly iconic name... what a great Irish phrase 'up to 90' is. A podcast dedicated to all things to do with the 90s - from the fashion to "the eternal enigma that is Jim Corr" - the ladies describe themselves as "two oul wans banging on about shite". Can relate.

"Trying really hard not to get cancelled", they'll have you loling away to yourself as you go about your day - consider it your recommended daily dose of nostalgia, listen as needed.


Homo Sapiens

Co-hosted by Alan Cummings and Chris Sweeney, Homo Sapiens is an LGBTQ+ podcast where queer people talk about life. Simply put - the LGBTQ+ equivalent of Radio 4's woman's hour.

Often joined by different well-known celebs, previous guests include cameos from activist Jameela Jamil, Spice Girl Melanie C and even Cynthia Nixon amongst others. This week's ep delves between the sheets to explore how LGBTQ+ sex scenes are portrayed in film and TV... which according to the pod can range from the "ridiculous" to the "biologically impossible" to the "sometimes accurate and honest" too.

Housewives and Me

Crap reality TV has been my saving grace over the past few months. Working in a job that requires me to look at a computer screen for hours on end, usually means that my brain is mush by the end of the day... which limits my extra-curricular hobbies somewhat. Anything that requires concentration is generally a no go, which is why the real housewives of Beverly Hills have become fond friends since lockdown started.

If you find yourself thoroughly invested in the ins and outs of their extremely dramatic lives, then Housewives and Me is most definitely the podcast for you. Fronted by Conor Behan, it's all about why we love the Real Housewives so much. Hard to narrow it down to just one reason.

Any other pop-culture podcasts that should be on our radar? Let us know in the comments.



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