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20th Dec 2018

Eight Tips To Survive Dry Jan

Alan Fisher

Dry Jan ain’t easy but it’s well needed after destroying our bodies for the entire month of December.

We’ve all been here before and I’m nearly sure we’ve all failed before, but not this year. This year we stick to our guns to see this thing through and I’ve got some handy tips to help you reach the bright lights at the end of the tunnel which is February.

1. Start planning ahead

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It’s Friday, it’s been a long week in work, weather’s pretty sh*t and your mate asks you to go for a drink – the inevitable answer is yes! I recommend you plan your weekends well in advance so you can’t be deterred by last minute decisions. It’s much easier to say no to drinks when you have plans in place.

2. The new Bear Grylls

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No, I’m not saying you have to drink your own piss. What I’m saying is don’t batten down the hatches and get cabin fever. Get out, enjoy some of Dublin’s finest sights and make the most of your hangover free weekends while you can.

3. Get a sober buddy

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Yup, drag someone down with you. Get a mate to commit to the joy that is Dry Jan as it makes it a hell of a lot easier to stick to. Become each others alcohol chastity belts and basically cut everyone else out of your lives.

4. Tell absolutely everybody

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This is my favourite tip by a mile and I’ve used it in other aspects of my life. By yapping your mouth and letting everyone know that you’re doing Dry Jan, you set yourself up for a higher level of embarrassment if you fail. It definitely helps as I’d rather die than give my mates that type of ammunition – you would never hear the end of it!

5. Think about the cash

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We know we’re going to save some (a sh*t load) of money if we stay sober for the month but I want to take it a step further. How about booking a holiday? Or even a weekend getaway for February? Not only will this give you the motivation to stay in but it will all be paid for with saved money.

6. Keep an eye on your health

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I probably don’t need to elaborate on this too much. Drink is bad for you, obviously but if you’re thinking New Year, New Me, cutting out drink is the best way to kick it off. Alcohol has a huge amount of calories itself and that’s before you get food after the night out. And then McDonald’s for breakfast and Dominos for dinner on Sunday.

7. Get a new hobby

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Again, because you are going to have some time on your hands, it’s time to pick up that new hobby you always wanted to. Maybe yoga? An instrument? French? Even if you’re only able to do Downward Dog by the end of the month, it will have least occupied a lot of your time.

8. Let’s be real

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Let’s take a little look at ourselves before we dive in. Can we actually do this? Is there any point in pretending to go for this half arsed? If not, lets just concede early!! Let’s not waste our time and energy and just continue on 2019 just as we left 2018 – pissed!

In saying that, I believe with the first seven tips you can fight it and make it to February without a single drop of alcohol. Imagine how good that first sip will be!

Best of luck my friends!

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