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11th Oct 2017

Everyone Is Talking About These Gas Comments On ‘Living With Lucy’ Last Night


Irish TV can be a real conversation starter every now and again, and Living With Lucy was the talk of Twitter last night.

Lucy Kennedy went to Kerry to spend the weekend living with politician, Michael Healy-Rae, and absolutely everyone was talking about the hilarious comments Michael had about Lucy and her make-up.

Every woman can relate to a lot of men not fully understanding the whole make-up obsession and how we apply it.

Sometimes it can take you ages to put it on, and quite frankly, that’s one of the main reasons we enjoy it.

Michael’s comments were comedy gold.

Here are some of the gas observations that he made living with Lucy over the weekend:

“Do you know that you’re painting your face for the last fifteen minutes. If you were going into combat with the Zulus long ago you wouldn’t be painting as much.”

“Are you going to plaster your face again today? I’ll tell you what, you should get a cloth, and hot water, wash your face and just go ‘way.”

“It is not layer then on top of layer? Does it not get all shitey? There are sweeping brushes inside of houses and they do not get as much use as that sweeping brush of yours.”

“The length of time you give at your face, I don’t know how you get anything done at all. You put layer upon layer – I would have loved to have been in the bathroom last night when you were washing your face, because it must have been like a circus.”

And Irish viewers were left in stitches.

Here are some of their comments:

Here’s one of the hilarious clips…

header image: TV3 3Player

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