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01st Aug 2018

Father Ted Actor Launches Serious Bid To Become President Of Ireland

Darragh Berry

The fact that 20 years later, we still use phrases from Father Ted just shows how much of an impact the show had on Ireland.

We honestly cannot wait for the Father Ted musical which is on the way but it looks like a Father Ted character could be looking to move out of Craggy Island and into Áras an Uachtaráin.

This actor delivered possible one of the most famous lines in Father Ted history and one that is often used when someone is talking to you about a subject that you know feck all about.

Of course you remember, Father Shaft.

“Sure I wouldn’t know, I’m from Donegal.”

Dublin actor Kevin Sharkey has launched a bid to become President of Ireland having previously said that he would run for the General Election.

Sharkey told the Fingal Independent that: “I’ve been giving politics serious consideration for years and I looked really long and hard into the effectiveness of politicians in Ireland, the way the party system almost suffers individual idealism.

“I concluded that the Presidency of Ireland struck me as a much better platform for giving something back in relation to my own personal experiences and my own relationship with Ireland.”

That’s mad, Ted but we wish him all the best of luck.

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