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14 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen To You During Freshers Week

By RebeccaL

September 12, 2017 at 9:01am


Ah Freshers Week. A time of new experiences, abounding opportunities and excessive alcohol consumption. 

Your first week of college will have you feeling joyful, terrified, awkward and excited- usually all at once. 

Whether you're heading off to study in Dublin, Cork, Galway or anywhere in  between, some experiences are an absolute certainty. 

1. You'll meet your housemates and instantly forget someone's name

It's bound to happen. Tackle the situation WITH HASTE or prepare to spend the rest of the week awkwardly not calling them anything.

2. You'll spend a fortune joining clubs and societies that you'll never go back to

You think that now you're in college you'll be adventurous and learn to DJ, act in a panto, take a salsa class and do a sky-dive. 

In reality you'll eat a lot of noodles and watch too much Netflix. 

3. You'll get lost on campus

Queue having to ask one of the "big kids" for help getting to your morning lecture. Mortifying. 

4. You'll make week-long besties, then never see them again

It's inevitable that you'll form quick friendships at the start of college that fade once you find the people you really click with. 

5. There'll be free pizza EVERYWHERE

One of the major perks of Fresher's Week is that you can't turn a corner on campus without encountering free pizza. Make the most of it because before long you'll be forking out for your own Domino's. 

6. You'll have the campus nightclub rep on speed-dial

Or, you know, Snapchat. You'll quickly befriend that guy in your block with a raft of magic wristbands that get you into nightclubs for free. Messy Mondays won't know what hit them. 

7. You'll learn the true value of naps

The fact that you used to spend full days in school without napping will boggle you. Now it's a struggle getting through two lectures. 

8. You'll optimistically join the gym

And then not be seen there again until Christmas. Like at the clubs and socs fair, you'll be feeding off some vague notion of self-improvement. 

9. You'll feel homesick a few days in

Whip out your phone, call your parents, shed a few tears, continue on. By the end of the week it'll feel like you've been there forever.

10. You'll spend the week answering the same questions repeatedly

Where you're from, what course you're doing, where you're living and whether you'd be up for getting a burrito. 

11. Your apartment will look vastly different at the start and end of the week

You move in and it's a normal, tidy dwelling. By Friday you've considered torching the kitchen rather than tackling THAT pile of washing up. 

12. You'll buy booze over books

Older students will tip you off that "required" books for most modules aren't strictly necessary. They also cost a small fortune so you'll likely put the proceeds towards a few pints instead.

13. You'll tackle your required reading with enthusiasm at first

Then you'll fall into an endless cycle of procrastination, Netflix binges and stress-skimming for the rest of your degree. 

14. You'll come home broke, tired and ready to do it all again

You'll get home to Mam and Dad at the end of the week you'll feel as though you've been away for months. 

With tired eyes and not a stitch of clean clothing to your name, you'll arrive back and feel true appreciation for the comforts of home. 

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