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15 Times Amy Huberman’s Instagram Puns Were Too Feckin Funny

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If you don’t follow Amy Huberman on Insta you are missing out.

The gorge actress and wife of Brian O Driscoll is the queen of puns and Instagram is her kingdom. Her posts are sure to brighten up your day and are guaranteed to add a bit of humour to your daily feed. It’s clear to see why she has over 256k followers.

Here’s some of her best bits.

They’re even funnier when they’re all stacked together tbh.

1. Pota toes

2. Shoes that don’t fit

3. Oh nothin. Just some biblical miracles happening down to the left

4. If I had a Daim for every time I thought about chocolate…

5. Ahhh…. old school mixed tape. They don’t make ’em like they used to

6. Breaking rules

7. Just put a shrimp. On a Barbie.

8. Absolutely love this shade on myself

9. Far too much thyme on my hands.

10. Friday night hitting the bar! WOOOOOOOP!

11. Fashionion

12. Yes. I would like to proceed using cookies

13. Ah okay. This is what they mean by a fork on the road. Explains why I’ve gotten lost all those times before looking out for something else entirely.

14. Careless Wispa

15. Friday night. Kids in bed. Can finally open a bottle of bubbles all to myself

Amy, we feckin’ adore you.

Header Image : @amy_huberman

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