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5 Types Of Irish Girls You'll Meet On Tinder

By AmyBell

August 29, 2017 at 6:07pm


So, we've already had a look at the lads

We guess it's time that we see what kind of girls that you're bound to come across on dating app, Tinder.

Us girls can be described as 'complicated' or 'sensitive' which we all can be (but so can the guys) but there's certain types you're just bound to swipe for. 

Whether it's for love or just a bit of fun, here are 5 types of Irish lassies you'll meet on Tinder.

1. Bikini gal

The profile picture is the first thing you come across when searching on the app. You don't really look at their age or name first, you're only drawn straight to their photo they've chosen to lure you in. It is all based on looks at first swipe, isn't it?

This girl is bound to have a crackin' body. She's clearly showing it off in the bikini. It looks like she likes to have fun and enjoys the odd Blue WKD drink while on her 'holliers'. 

She'll want to party when you meet her and you'll probably end up dancing at some club into the early hours of the morning. We hope you have the energy!

2. The 'I like to workout' girl

This girl purposefully puts in her bio that she goes to the gym. She is bound to have many photos of her in the gym mirror posing. But you see sometimes that her make-up is fully intact and there's no beads of sweat or the odd time her hair is pulled up into a pony (well if it is, she made the effort to curl it beforehand). She also says she loves to squat.

She loves to go to Chopped and will post many photos in leggings or a Nike baseball hat. She likes going to to odd gym class and goes on about how many times a week she goes.

But is she really giving it socks at the gym? We guess you'll find out.

3. The 'girly' girl

We bet you've come across many of these kind of girls. They love taking pride in their appearance. They have "real hair" extensions that they wash and curl every night out. They love the bottle of tan on their skin look to give them that 'glow' that us pale Irish don't tend to have. They always have their nails done and even have false eyelashes. 

Sometimes you have to wonder what they really look like without all that make-up on. You'll get the odd 'LOL' and 'OMG' and 'FML' texts as well so expect that. 

Brace yourself because she's bound to want to take numerous selfies with you when out on a date. Say cheese!

4. The 'looks like a different person in the picture' gal

With filters and learning to get the perfect selfie angle nowadays, it is very easy to get a decent looking photo that sometimes you have to take a second glance at. 

Is that really you? Damn. You're lookin' well.

Sometimes guys expect us to look exactly like we did in that photo and you get looked up and down when you finally meet up with them in person. To them you look completely different. Or it could have been an old photo. 

Ah, well. You are perfect just the way you are, like it or leave it.

5. The shy at first but turns out to be wild girl

So, you've got chatting to this girl and she seems really nice. You arrange a date because again, she's really nice. It's when you meet up with her that you find she's very shy. You try to force the conversation but it doesn't really get you far. She is still cute though. Maybe she's just nervous and doesn't hide it really well.

You suggest going to a pub to get a drink and maybe a more chilled environment will relax her. turns out to be the complete opposite. Once she's a drink or two in she won't stop talking. Now you're the one who can't get a word in. She'd talk for Ireland. She's probably a lightweight and definitely shouldn't keep up with your pace. She wants to go dance and she gets this energy out of nowhere. She's a 'maniac on the dance-floor' and quite frankly, you like it. 

Now this girl is really out of her shell.

Have you come across any of these?

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