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These Are The 5 BIG Differences Between Millennials And Snowflakes

By RebeccaL

September 6, 2017 at 3:34pm


There's a way of categorising everything these days, ourselves included. 

If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you're probably used to being branded as a millennial. You're part of the technology generation and have witnessed first-hand the departure from casette tapes to Spotify playlists. Congratulations, you've seen IT ALL.

Those born after the Millenium, however, are categorised as the snowflake generation. Originally in reference to proud parents' assertion that their children were as unique and special as snowflakes, the word has taken on a more derisive meaning in recent years. Snowflakes are now often branded as entitled, overly-sensitive and culturally naive. 

But what are the real differences between millenials and snowflakes? 

1. Millenials remember what "came before"

There's nothing a millennial loves more than telling stories about the time before wifi. They live for the look of horror/ confusion that crosses a snowflake's face when they describe the frustrations of dial-up internet or bluetooth transfers. 

They remember when writing letters was common practice and definitely had a hotmail email address at some point. 

Millennials will fondly reminisce about using My Space and MSN, while snowflakes, who grew up in a Facebook-focused world, will never know the unadulterated joy of receiving Bebo love. 


2. Snowflakes see fame in a very different way

For millenials, celebrities were actors, musicians and the likes. They leafed through magazines to learn celebrity news and watched MTV to keep up to date with the latest hits. 

For snowflakes, celebrity status has become something of a grey area. With the rise of social influencers and decline of traditional media, it now seems that almost anyone can transform themselves into a member of the rich and famous. While these so-called celebs may never grace our tv screens, their worth is measured by the number of followers they have and the financial payoff such a following grants. 

Snowflakes accept this because it's what they've grown up with, but millennials are still somewhat sceptical. 

3. The dating scene is somewhat different

Though millennials and snowflakes are equally likely to have Tinder on their phone, how they use the app can vary drastically. 

Millennials seem to approach it in the sense of a traditional dating site, chatting with matches before eventually meeting up with them in person. 

Snowflakes don't seem to be looking for an end relationship when it comes to Tinder (possibly because they're 18 and under)- but use the app for entertainment purposes. 

Either way, maybe both groups should consider *real life* interactions too. 

4. Millennials prefer to save

Having grown up in a recession-ridden Ireland in the 1980s and experiencing first-hand the crash in 2008, millennials are more fiscally prudent than snowflakes. 

Most millennials have wedged themselves onto the property ladder, or have aspirations to do so eventually. Growing up, their parents did not give them everything they wanted, leaving them aware of the value of money. 

Snowflakes, on the other hand, grew up in a world of greater excess. That doesn't mean they're not intelligent, hard-working, ambitious or sensible, but that they aspire to different things. 

A static lifestyle is less appealing to snowflakes than the generations that went before them. They want to try a range of different jobs and live in a number of different places. 

There is an "instant gratification" mentality associated with snowflakes, which sees them less willing to commit to long-term plans or decisions, in favour of a varied life, unrooted in stability. 

And that's just as well, because they've no chance of getting a house these days anyway. 

5. Snowflakes skip the "awkward phase"

Snowflakes appear to be drinking different water than millennials had back in the day. 

Members of this generation seem to be miraculously dodging the "awkward" phase in their teenage years, often marked by a horrific haircut, blue eyeshadow and godawful clothing combinations. 

Whether it's the influence of Instagram or evolution at work, snowflakes seem to morph into preened teens without ever suffering the embarrassment of a fringe cut too short. 

We don't know how they do it, but fair play. 

What do you think? Are millennials and snowflakes all that different?

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