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12 Reasons Why Going Out To Your Local On Christmas Eve Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

By James Fenton

December 22, 2017 at 11:42am


All the talk is over and we're now in the midst of Christmas week. That means lots of going out and copious amounts of drinking.

People tend to go out a lot more over the festive season with the holy trinity of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Stephen's day being probably the most popular days to let your hair down.

Christmas Eve though has always been a horrible night to go out and we all know it. We just constantly forget because it only happens once a year.

Here's why you should definitely stay in on December 24.

1. Why leave your cosy house?

You can't wear your slippers to the pub, can you?

2. You're broke as f*ck...

Alright, you've probably been paid before Christmas but the end of January is a long way away.

3. All the best movies on TV that night...

God knows when you'll ever be able to catch It's A Wonderful Life again.

4. The queues to get a drink are horrendous...

And that's before the Midnight Mass crowd come in.

5. And when you do get one you literally have no space to drink it...

'Oh good, there's an elbow in my pint.'

6. Small talk...

'Oh shit, it's Brendan from junior infaa...heeeeeey!'

7. You're definitely going to get smashed and make a show of yourself...

And spend Christmas Day full of fear.

8. You only have one new Chrimbo outfit and you need it for St. Stephen's Day...

Why waste it?

9. You haven't wrapped any presents have you?

Like... properly?

10. There'll be mistletoe...

Which can only lead to ill-advised shifting.

11. Santa is watching...

You better watch out...

12. Finally, and most importantly, Christmas Day will be ruined again just like last year and the year before that and the year before that...

It's not easy to enjoy your turkey through tears and vomiting.

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