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19th Oct 2018

The First Reviews Of ‘Making A Murderer’ Series Two Are Here

James Fenton

1,036 days after Making A Murderer first appeared on our screens, Netflix subscribers can finally check in on convicted killers Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey.

The first series of the documentary gripped international audiences and sparked numerous campaigns to release the pair, who many felt were wrongly convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach.

The time has now arrived for a second dose of binging as Making A Murderer series two is now available to watch. While most of us have to wait until after work this evening, some aren’t wasting any time at all…

Of course, in this high-speed technological age, reviews of the second series have already landed. So what do the critics make of it?

The New York Times addresses the mania which stemmed from the first series, stating that ‘TV news crews are ever-present, drawn by the notoriety the series has given the men’s cases’ and adding that ‘Part 2 still offers its share of the mystery and surprise that made the original so compelling.’

The Guardian, meanwhile, says that series two is ‘undeniably gripping and well-constructed. As it did with its first season, it makes an extremely persuasive case for what would amount to an astonishing miscarriage of justice.’

Sounds like Making A Murderer is picking up right where it left off. Roll on 5 o’clock.

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