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18th Feb 2019

Five Irish Songs You Need To Hear This Week

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Irish music has never sounded so good with new, quality artists popping up every week.

More of our music is being recognised at home and abroad than it has ever before, with our hip-hop and grime scenes even making a name for themselves.

To celebrate this glorious time for Irish music, I am going to highlight five songs every week that I think you should hear, consisting of new music from the hottest artists.

Here are my top five songs I think you need to hear this week:

Nealo – Just My Luck ft. Molly Sterling

Nealo is relatively new to the game, making hip hop music for just under a year, but his debut EP October Year, released in late 2018, really put him on the map.

Just My Luck is about the disturbance of alcohol in a relationship and is an inner monologue of a person whose other half is leaving them due to their reluctance to stop drinking.

Erica Cody – Over & Over

This lady absolutely killed it last year with Good Intentions and has started this year with a cracking song.

Erica tweeted, ‘I wrote this song after being stood up for 3 hours in town and given the run around. I want this song to show that time is precious and don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it.’

Dermot Kennedy – Lost

A young man who needs no introduction at this stage.

This brand new song dropped in early February and it’s a beauty.

Picture This – Modern Love

I couldn’t write this list without adding the lads in.

They debuted their album on the top of the bloody Empire State building, it’s the least I could do.

Although, I’d appreciate an invite next time..

Rêves – Depths & Between

You may have never heard of these guys before and that’s okay.

They are relatively new and I just need you to trust me here.

February 18, 2019

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