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16th Feb 2018

Five Things To Do On A Night Out That Will Stop You Getting A Hangover


The dry mouth, the pounding headache and the never-ending hunger mixed with so much stomach acid you couldn’t possibly eat a thing – hangovers are the inevitable punishment for a wild night out on the sauce. 

There’s a few things you can do to prevent the dreaded hangover from hitting so hard however… INSIDER spoke to Jason Burke, an aesthesiologist who has cured about 35,000 hangovers with a mobile hangover cure clinic. 

Follow these foolproof tips to be in with a chance of not resembling a pure goblin the next morning.

1. Eat a full meal before heading out

“A fatty meal slows the absorption of alcohol into your system,” Jason told INSIDER. “If you drink two or three shots on an empty stomach, the alcohol is going to be in your system in 10 minutes. Whereas with a fatty meal, it takes probably 30 or 40 minutes.

2. DO order drinks like these:

Top-shelf drinks like Grey Goose or Drumshanbo Gin will make you feel better than cheap vodka such as Huzzar. 

“They’re distilled four or five times, which gets out a lot of the nasty contaminants”, Jason advised. 

3. DON’T order drinks like these:

Sake, shots of sweet alcohol and champagne can all cause a pounding headache the following day. 

4. Don’t go to bed straight away when you get home 

Going to sleep straight away will slow down how fast your body processes the alcohol in your system. “Your metabolism is a lot faster when you’re awake than when you’re asleep, so staying up helps to metabolize the alcohol in your system.”

5. Take some preventative vitamins before going to sleep 

Pop some vitamin C before you sleep and maybe a preventative Ibuprofen. You’ll feel right as rain come morning.

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