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29th Nov 2018

WATCH: The Latest Foil Arms And Hog Sketch Perfectly Portrays Brexit As A Divorce


Foil, Arms and Hog have done it again.

Their latest video, Brexit Divorce, perfectly encapsulates the crumbling relationship between the EU and the UK as they navigate the murky waters of Brexit.

Framing it as a romantic break-up, the UK girlfriend considers the EU boyfriend “too controlling” and declares she “is losing her identity” while he declares he will “drag it out as long as possible.”

Before we give it completely away, watch it below.

Special shout out to “Northern Ireland” who doesn’t want mammy and daddy to break up and “Scotland” who declares he’s “outta here” when he turns 18.

Foil, Arms and Hog are currently on tour with dates in Limerick, Dublin, Wexford, Ennis, Derry, Cork, Castlebar, Galway and Belfast.

You can get all the details here.

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