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Four Things You've Probably Done That Really Piss Off Flight Attendants

By Sarah

November 10, 2017 at 12:52pm


You might think you're the most chilled out person ever, but we guarantee you: asking for 20 extra packs of peanuts on a three hour flight will make any sane person hate you.

Whether you're flying long or short haul, there's a few things passengers do on planes that REALLY piss off flight attendants. 

Thrillist got the inside scoop of the top four annoying things people do on planes. So y'know, take note, and don't do them. Please.

1. If your carry-on doesn't fit in the overhead, it is no one's fault but your own

Most planes don't have the space for carry on luggage for every passenger, so if you don't want to pay for your bags, either join the boarding queue early or prepare to get your bag checked on at the gate. And don't try to squish it in.

2. Lying to get a free upgrade is never cool, no matter how sly you are

The worst type of passengers are the ones who walk on the plane and inform us they have an ailment or a disability and demand an upgrade,” an American Airline FA told Thrillist. “Folks, your flight attendant can smell this ploy from 5 miles away."

3.Flight attendants are not your servants

“Passengers expect the world from us,” says a Virgin America FA. “When we can’t deliver, say, for example, like when we run out of the meat entree, they are angry, mean, and belittle us -- because it’s their world and we’re just serving them."

4. Don’t blame delays on a flight attendant

Flight attendants are NOT airline management. Delays, ticket rebookings and missed connections are out of flight attendant's hands. All they can do is try to help you reach the appropriate people who can help. So please, don't shout at them.

Just sit back, read your book, and enjoy the feeling of flying high in the clouds to whatever destination you're privileged enough to get to visit.

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