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Gardaí Have Issued A Strict Warning To Drivers Parking Illegally In Disabled Bays

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Gardaí in the south of the country have issued a strict warning to people parking illegally in disabled bays.

A picture was posted yesterday on the Garda Síochána – Cork, Kerry & Limerick – Southern Region Facebook page which depicts a vehicle partly parked in a disabled bay in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

The picture was accompanied by the following message, indicating that Gardaí will be continuing a ‘zero tolerence approach to unlawful use of such parking bays’:

‘An Garda Síochána in Kerry are continuing their clampdown on drivers who park in disabled parking spaces without a valid disabled persons parking card.

‘A disabled person’s parking card allows the user to park for free in disabled bays and any other public parking spots across the country.

‘The objective of this operation is to remind motorists to respect disabled parking bays and to consider the needs for whom they are designed.

‘We will be continuing a zero tolerence approach to unlawful use of such parking bays. The photo below speaks for itself and was taken in Tralee on the 15th December 2017.’

The fact that the car was illegally parked outside an office belonging to disability charity Enable Ireland wasn’t lost on some commenters.

You’ve been warned, folks.

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