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18th Dec 2018

PIC: Gavin James Slaughters Lad Online With Killer Comeback After He Insults His Concerts

Darragh Berry

Gavin James confessed to fans on Tuesday that he was going to be playing a secret gig that night.

The details would be announced at 8pm and until then, it was going to be all very hush-hush.

One smart-ass of course thought it would be funny to tell Gavin that he wanted to end up as far away from his gig as possible…

“Hi Gavin, can you let us know as early as possible so I can make sure I don’t end up at one of your gig. All the very best, Clutch”

But Gavin’s response left Clutch with some serious burn wounds.

We wouldn’t go round to your ma’s for dinner tonight, clutch. Just to be sure…

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