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12th Apr 2018

This TV Show That Was Broadcast On RTÉ Really Pissed Gay Byrne Off

Darragh Berry

Gay Byrne was left feeling a bit browned off after watching a TV drama about his favourite comic that aired on RTÉ at the start of April.

Gaybo said that he could only stomach around 45 minutes of the programme that was initially shown on the BBC.

Dave Allen at Peace focused on the life of a comic who was banned by RTÉ, threatened by the IRA and the Catholic Church.

Game of Thrones and Love/Hate star, Aidan Gillen took on the role of the “godfather of modern stand-up comedy” and one of the greatest Irish comedians of all time.

However, the former Late Late Show and Meaning Of Life host told The Irish Sun that he wasn’t impressed by the way that Allen was portrayed in the drama.

“It was a most peculiar treatment of Dave’s life. I don’t know what the BBC were at, coming up with something like this.

“To be honest, I didn’t understand it. I watched it for about 45 minutes then I gave up.”

Byrne believes that Allen’s live shows should have been a staple part of the programme.

“Excerpts from the real Dave Allen show would have been a lot funnier.”

“I remember going to see Dave performing in London’s West End and going to a pub around the corner which was full of his younger fans.

“He was always funny and his fanbase stayed with him.”

Want to see if Gay was right to be pissed of? You can find the programme on the RTÉ Player here.

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