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30th May 2018

Gay Byrne Reveals The One Big Regret He Has From His 60 Years In Broadcasting

Darragh Berry

He’s the Godfather of RTÉ. 

No matter how good a job Pat Kenny or Ryan Tubridy have done with The Late Late Show, it will always be Gaybo’s. 

You won’t find it hard to believe that the veteran broadcaster is now six decades in the business, you probably think he’s been around for even longer. 

And up until a few years ago, he was still turning his hand to a bit of TV when he presented, ‘The Meaning Of Life’, a show that questioned famous people on their beliefs. 

A show, famous for that Stephen Fry interview. 

The Meaning Of Life programme is back on Wednesday night at 9:35 for one more spin-off called ‘Once More with Meaning’ which celebrates Byrne’s life tonight on RTÉ One.

Speaking with The Irish Independent ahead of the airing of the programme, he said he had “lived his dream” but had one major regret about his time in the spotlight. 

Speaking about his children, he said that: 

“I have great regrets. I have only brief memories. Thank God they were girls in so far as if they’d been boys it would have been very serious.  I have only brief little snatches of memories of Crona and Suzy growing up around the place and I regret that. 

“But generally speaking I regret now the amount of time I gave to [RTÉ].  It was an awful lot of time and I should have taken time to do other things and I had the opportunity to do other things but I was dedicated to the place.”

And if you’re interested in seeing just how dedicated Byrne was to the place, you should tune in on Wednesday night, 30 May. 

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