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28th Nov 2018

WATCH: Brian Kerr Used This Very Irish Word To Describe The Pitch Tonight And Left Graeme Souness Puzzled

Darragh Berry

He was absolutely delighted with himself with the use of one word in particular.

Brian Kerr and Graeme Souness are no strangers to punditry, especially on Virgin Media Sport, formerly TV3.

The former Republic of Ireland manager became a hit with viewers during the World Cup in 2018 when his phrases and one-liners sent social media into a frenzy.

Well, tonight he busted out one of those again and left Scotsman Souness completely puzzled.

There was only one way that Kerr could describe the pitch:

Brian: “The pitch has been malojan.”

Graeme: “What’s it been?”

Brian: “Malojan. It means not very good.”

Graeme: “I like that.”

Brian: “Rag order. That’s another one for ya.”

Cat-malojan, dog-malojan, you can really stick anything at the front of malojan to make it even more malojany.

Keep them coming please, Brian.

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