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25th May 2018

‘The Graham Norton Show’ Should Be An Absolute Riot Tonight

James Fenton

Maybe you won’t be too impressed by tonight’s line-up on The Graham Norton Show. Or maybe, if you’re obsessed with all things Jurassic Park like myself, you’ll be cancelling everything else just so you can tune in. 

With only weeks to go until the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Graham will be chatting to the stars of the movie namely Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and the one and only Jeff Goldblum. 

If you’re not familar with Jeff Goldblum’s film history, you might recognise him as an internet meme sensation with this ridiculous Facebook page as a prime example. 

Pratt, meanwhile, is always good for a few laughs and we’ll be hoping for a repeat of the time he nailed the TOWIE accent…

Also appearing will be singer Jake Shears, formally of the Scissor Sisters. It all gets underway on BBC 1 at 10pm and if you’re otherwise engaged I guess you’ll just have to, uh, find a way. 

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