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30th Nov 2018

There Are Two Great Movies On Tonight If Ya Don’t Fancy Watching The Toy Show


Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of the Toy Show. Shocking, we know but it’s true.

For all the humbugs out there that refuse to embrace their inner child, there are two movies on tonight that might entertain your black soul.

Grab a bottle of wine, order a takeaway and completely ignore the unofficial official start of the Christmas period.

The romantic fantasy, City of Angels, will be on Universal at 8 pm.

Starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, this film is kinda odd, but in a good way.

And sure look, Nicholas Cage in a romantic role is worth a watch any day because, well it’s Nicholas Cage.

If you ain’t down with the Cage, then our second pick might be more appealing to you.

You can catch the hilarious comedy, White Chicks, on Comedy Central at 9 pm.

You’ve probably seen it, but White Chicks is iconic so it’s always worth a re-watch.

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