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PIC: The Price Of 4-Pack Cans Of Guinness In Australia Would Put You Off The Beer Entirely

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If you’re away from home, it’s the little things that can really cure your home-sickness.

A packet of Tayto here, a Barry’s tea bag there and even a warm can of Guinness would be better than no can at all.

And it looks like you’d need a lot of G’s in the bank to get your hands on some creamy G’s if this sign is anyting to go by.

Someone on Reddit shared this photo of the price of 4 x 6 pack cans of Guinness down under and we imagined that they stayed firmly on the shelf because of the confusing price tag.

Guinness Australia Price Main

If you wanted to have a pack of four by 6 cans, it would set you back $69 dollary-doos while six cans by themselves costs almost $20.

But, the way the sign looks makes it seem like you’re buying 4 cans for $69 and that one can is going for $20.

Converting it over to euros: It’s €43.18 for 4 x 6 and €12.50 for 6.

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