Here Are The Very Best Supermoon Shots From All Around Ireland Last Night

Some truly mind-blowing shots of the super luna last night

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Unless you spent yesterday with your head in your hands, weeping over what a tragic Monday yesterday was - you will have heard that a supermoon was going to be visible over Ireland last night.

The supermoon was basically a rare lunar experience that only happened every few decades, and last night's one almost felt like you could reach out and grab it. 

Check out the incredible shots of those who were first on the scene. 

1. This top notch photograph sent it from Guy Boggon

Img2 Thejournal

Photo cred: Guy Boggon

2. This incredible shot from Waterford

3. This sensational photo from Dublin

4. Donegal showing us what it's made of 

5. The cherry on top in Cork

6. These phenomenal images over Dublin

7. This rare clear sky Dublin City shot

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8. This ethereal shot over Lismore, Waterford

9. The supermoon rising at Kilcoole Beach, Wicklow

10. This perfect monochrome shot taken in Wicklow

11. These deadly shots from Sligo

12. Canon Ireland even joined in 

13. And finally, the supermoon rising over Ballynageeragh Dolman, Dunhill Co. Waterford

Brilliant. Just brilliant. 

Big thanks to everyone involved!

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