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17th Jun 2018

Here’s Exactly How Long Most Couples Are Together Before Getting Married


If you’ve already watched every single episode of Say Yes To The Dress (the US, UK and Irish versions), know who your bridesmaids/groomsmen will be and have your heart set on a rustic barn filled with fairy lights then you’re prob reading this article with eager eyes.

Do you know how long most couples date for before tying the knot?

Wedding website discovered from a poll of 4,000 couples that there’s actually a pretty specific timeframe on important relationship milestones.

The average couple were in a relationship for 4.9 years before getting married. This breaks down as:

  • Dated for 1.4 years (17 months) before moving in together.
  • Then lived together for 1.83 years (22 months) before getting engaged.
  • Then were engaged for 1.67 years (20 months) before getting married.
  • The total average time living together before marriage totals to a whole 3.5 years.
  • The average number of serious relationships each member of the couple had before marriage = 2.

You might wanna “accidentally” send this to your bae if you need to give them a bit of a hint to get a move on…

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