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04th May 2022

“I like me, Erin” – and other highlights from Derry Girls ep4

Fiona Frawley

Sister Michael sitting in a delorean with the door open, wearing sunglasses

Just when we thought the Spice Girls reincarnation couldn’t be topped, they’ve gone and done it again.

For anyone who hasn’t watched yet, this is your official spoiler warning. Turn back and get caught up. Here’s Nicola Coughlan loving life at the Met Gala to ensure you don’t accidentally see any crucial plot points.

Now, back to it.

Episode 4 of Derry Girls began as all good episodes should, with a musical performance from Jenny Joyce at assembly.

Shortly after, we learned that Sister Michael’s hoarder aunt from the depths of Donegal has died, and someone needs to clean out the house ahead of the wake. She’d do it herself, but she doesn’t want to.

With that, the girls clamber into the school van, ready for a free gaff and a night of debauchery with the Donegal farmers who, famously, are ripped from all the turf they have to collect.

As they cross the border, James is rattled by a line of questioning from the British soldiers who denounce him as not properly English (the poor lad can’t win) and a Gaeilgeoir outside a Donegal cottage warning of danger ahead.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the poor wee English fella is then knocked down by a stationary vehicle, after the girls fail to locate the handbrake.

Even though he’s English, they don’t leave him behind, carrying him to the rundown cottage they’ve been assigned to tidy. Not only are there no ride-y farmers to be seen, but Michelle had to abandon the booze in order to help lift James and to top it all off, the cottage is haunted by Sister Michaels aunt and uncle. There’s nothing more to be done – the girls cosy up Charlie Bucket grandparents style and try to get some shut eye.

And now, the moment that brought the nation to its knees. The country collectively sobbed as James confessed his feelings for Erin (he actually confessed his feelings for himself, but we got there in the end), and their passionate smooch accentuated by iconic 90s banger Kiss Me was the cherry on top of an already incredible episode.

In classic Derry Girls style, the moment was cut short by softie-underneath-it-all Michelle, whose mind immediately leapt to James and Erin’s eventual breakup, and her having to stand by James because even though he’s a dickhead, he’s her cousin. It’s also worth mentioning that the whole conversation takes place while Michelle is wearing quintessentially novelty sized 90s slippers. If you didn’t have a pair, you wanted one.

Convinced their relationship is doomed before it starts, Erin reluctantly admits that Michelle is probably right, only for James to utter the three words of reassurance we all hope to hear – “I can wait”. Chills. Tears. Goosebumps. Etc.

Honourable mention too to Sister Michael tearing up the back roads in a DeLorean, and Granda Joe finally getting a sign from his wife, ten years after her death.

Next week is the episode many of us have been waiting for – a flashback of Mary and Aunt Sarah in their youth. We await with bated breath.

Header image via Channel 4

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