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02nd Dec 2018

Viewers Spotted A Penis On ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Last Night And It Didn’t Belong To An Animal

James Fenton

Regular viewers of I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here are well used to seeing a penis every now and again but to be fair, more often than not, it was once part of some kind of animal.

Over the years, well-known faces have been asked to chow down on the piece of male anatomy leaving viewers retching and grimacing in equal measure. The penis spotted on last night’s episode, however, was a little bit easier to stomach.

Some eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that during one of the trials a pretty obvious scrawling of what appears to be the male genitalia is there for all to see…

The image obviously drew plenty of sniggers from watching audiences but Ant and/or Dec took to Twitter to explain that it was a ‘good luck symbol’. Of course it was.

The ultimate in high-brow TV.

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