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07th Nov 2018

PIC: This Irish Person Applied For A Job But Attached Something Embarrassing By Accident Instead Of A CV

Darragh Berry

You know when you mean to share an attachment to an email and forget? And then you have to send the awkward second email being like, ‘Please find attached the thingy I should have attached in the first email.’

If you do it for a job application, you’ve more than likely ruled yourself out of the running immediately.

This Irish person didn’t forget to attach something to their application, they just didn’t attach their CV…

Cv Animal Main

First of all, how rude that the emailer didn’t acknowledge how cute the person’s animal was.

But to be fair, they did give them a second chance to send their CV on.

Imagine if they send on another pic of their pet instead.

Image via carthalawns_best

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