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20th Dec 2016

Ireland Declared One Of Most Progressive Digital Nations In New Harvard Study


A new detailed survey about the role of digital in the world economy from the Harvard Business Review has shown that Ireland is doing very well for itself indeed. We are up there with the likes of Singapore, USA, Israel and Honk Kong as the most digitally progressive countries in the world. The report is based on four factors which are…

Supply-side factors (including access, fulfilment, and transactions infrastructure); demand-side factors (including consumer behaviors and trends, financial and Internet and social media savviness); innovations (including the entrepreneurial, technological and funding ecosystems, presence and extent of disruptive forces and the presence of a start-up culture and mindset); and institutions (including government effectiveness and its role in business, laws and regulations and promoting the digital ecosystem).

Great to see us ranking so highly and with 3 billion people on the internet soon it is vitally important that if we are to build a true digital economy that we keep doubling down on investment and innovation here. Lets pat ourselves on the backs for once here in little old Ireland.