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06th Sep 2018

PICS: Wales Fans Taunted Ireland Tonight In The Worst Way Possible

Darragh Berry

You may remember that we had to beat Wales in our final game of the World Cup Group games in order to have a chance of heading to Russia.

And we did, a cracking James McClean goal gave us a one-nil victory that meant we had a shot in the qualifiers.

The less said about that the better.

Well, Wales had their chance to get revenge on Thursday night in our first game in the Nations League.

And revenge is what they got, hammering our poor lads 4-1 and overall just beating us all over the park.

There wasn’t a massive support in the stadium but the Welsh fans that were there made a good bit of noise.

They booed the announcement of the Irish national anthem and when they went 2-0 up, they really twisted the knife by singing this.

A big pill to swallow.

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