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13th Jun 2017

‘Ireland’s Got Talent’ Is Tipped To Come To Our TV Screens Very Soon


If you’re a big fan of Britain’s Got Talent then you’re gonna be squealing with excitement at the rumours that we’re gonna be getting our very own version on Irish TV.

Just think of all the talented mammies, the singing farmers, the absolute GAS creatures who would grace our screens.

RTE was originally tipped to make an Irish version of the ultra popular talent show, but went with Dancing With The Stars instead, and now it’s TV3 who are rumoured to be bringing the show to our shores. 

A source told the Irish Sun: “It’s a huge investment but TV3 needs a huge show like Ireland’s Got Talent to take on Dancing With the Stars on RTE One.”

TV3 are expected to announce their plans to produce Ireland’s Got Talent at their autumn launch on August 30th, although it could be some time before the ball gets rolling.

Which just means more time to practice (and be practice we mean find) our special talent eh?

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