Irish Actor Shares Wonderfully Nostalgic Italia '90 Photo For The Week That's In It

Can you spot the little guy?

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In case you haven't heard, a fairly important football tournament gets underway in Russia this week. Football fever has gripped the globe and that isn't limited to the ordinary man and woman on the street.

Even Hollywood stars are getting involved in the World Cup and one of Ireland's best known actors has shared a timely pic that's just wonderfully of its time.

Alongside the pic, The IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd tells us that it was taken during Italia '90, which was the setting for Ireland's most successful and famous run in the international tournament.

The t-shirts, the flags, the absolute passion in the eyes. For those who haven't guessed, Chris is the fist-pumper in the bottom right...

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We may not be there this year but we'll always have the memories.

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