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16th Mar 2019

Irish Fans Had a Fairly Brutal Response To Nicki Minaj’s Last Minute Cancellation

Megan Cassidy

You do not want to cross angry Irish fans.

The mob were out in earnest last night as Nicki Minaj cancelled her 3 arena show less than two hours before the concert was due to start.

The US rapper cited “severe weather conditions” on the Irish Sea, meaning that her equipment trucks could not safely make it to Ireland.

Thousands of fans, many of whom had travelled and booked accommodation for the show, were left disappointed outside the venue.

It seems the mood turned sour pretty quickly, as fans started to chant “Cardi B” outside the venue.

Cardi B and Nicki have been involved in a highly-publicised feud, with tensions reaching an all-time high when a physical altercation broke out in a New York venue last year.

Nicki’s PR team has now released an updated statement confirming that the show will not be rescheduled.

The statement reads:

“Unfortunately the artist, venue and promoters have been unable to reschedule the concert despite great efforts by all parties.

“The adverse weather conditions which affected Irish Sea sailings over the last 24hrs resulted in only half the trucks carrying their equipment arriving ahead of the concert.

“Nicki Minaj apologises for any inconvenience caused to fans due to these unforeseen circumstances.

“Full refunds available from this Tuesday from point of purchase.”

Wonder if the chanting had anything to do with it?