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30th Jul 2018

PIC: Irish Girl’s Tinder Bio Is Raunchy And Straight To The Point

Darragh Berry

Your Tinder Bio could be the one factor that turns your couple of matches into hundreds of matches.

Sure, you could be the best looking lad or girl in your parish but if your bio is as dry as the grass following an Irish summer heatwave, people ain’t going to spend too long looking at your pictures because they’ll have already given you an x.

A Tinder bio should be funny, intelligent but most of all it should be honest.

Look, there’s no point you pretending that you’re a GAA loving, money making, Love Island loving person who seeks a long term relationship when you’re really just looking for the ride and a quick exit.

Well, this Irish girl’s Tinder bio is as blunt and as straight to the point as it can be.

She doesn’t want a romantic Romeo that will sweep her off her feet and buy her presents and spend stupid amounts of money on flowers.

She has one hobby and one simple request and if you can’t handle it, well you’re just going to have to give her a miss.

Irish Girl Tinder Bio

She’s an expert at the game ‘Fallout’ and she is looking for someone who will, ahem, “welly the box” off her.

Reddit User, Fr_chewylewey, shared this picture and we really hope that they got the match with her.

Best of luck.

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