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PIC: This Is The Most Irish Mother Text Of All Time That Combines Death And An Post

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Maybe we should all text like Irish mammies.

Instead of arsing about asking people how they are and pointless questions about their job that we don’t care about, maybe we should just take the mother approach.

You know what the Irish mother texting approach is at this stage. No punctuation, no messing. They give you the cold hard facts one after another and say hello and goodbye in the same message.

It’s like getting the bulletins at the start of the news. The sentences are short and snappy but get the point across.

And we think the below is the most Irish mammy text of all time, combining death with An Post, as you do.

Irish Mother Text 1

Image credit: Reddit.

But one thing about their texts is although you get the facts, you’re always left asking 10 questions after receiving the message and might have to wait hours for a response.

“What’s in the parcel? Who was the letter from? How did his mother died? When’s the funeral? Do I need to come home for it?”

We’re waiting for the response.

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