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13th Sep 2018

PIC: Two Irish Men Arrange Fight In Comments After Disagreement About Adverts Product And It’s Gold

Darragh Berry

When someone asks you about the great fights right up until the present day, you finally have one to add to Ali v Fraser, Ward v Gatti, Sugar Ray v Hearns – telecaster321 v BALDIEPAUL.

Adverts is a strange place and while it’s great for finding second-hand bargains at low prices, a lot of the time it’s just people taking the piss in the comments section.

Telecaster – or TC as we will now call them – was selling their drum machine in Ballybunion, Kerry or was trying to anyway.

They didn’t want any messing, just a quick sale at €220.

But BALDIEPAUL (we don’t know why his name is in CAP LOCKS) was looking to do some negotiating.

TC: “It comes with 2 switches what would be 30 each – I can sell without switches 170 if you collect – but id rather trade it for something Id use …

Baldie: “I’m not sure where your buying your equipment but your paying far too much for it …. lol. those foot switches are €10.00 … anyway I don’t need them.. how old is it?”

TC: “Sorry but you have a guitar up for 1450 I bought one almost same for 700 you should watch your own ads please.”

Ohhhh, shots fired.

Baldie: “Well almost the same means it’s not the same it’s a 92 usa Strat natural wood body see if you can find one cheaper and I will buy it… are you wanting to buy my Strat or sell you drum machine?”

TC: “Go away and don’t think you can go wrecking people ads by making smart arse comments, If you think my ads it’s not fair jog on and go buy one elsewhere as you can see I’ve done 174 deals on this site you have done the grand total of 4 – I’m not in the habit of ripping people off. If you read my ad in the first place before you open up your mouth.”

Baldie: “I never said you were ripping anyone off… I just pointed out that the sr18 was €9 more new… I am/was interested in buying it but you have to be realistic with your price €220? €229 new how I’m wrecking you add is beyond me…..

“Do you really think any buyer out their is not going to check the price out somewhere on the net you’d be a fool… I asked you how old it was? are you going to answer or not or do you want to spoil my thread with lies again.”

And then it escalated, quickly.

Tc Baldie Fight 1

That was over a month ago but there’s still no word about who won the fight and poor TC still hasn’t sold his drum machine.

You can find the full advertisement here.

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