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24th Jul 2018

Rumours Circulating That Love Island Contestant Has Quit Ahead Of Tonight’s Show

Darragh Berry

If you weren’t tuned into Monday night’s Love Island, you missed one hell of an episode.

The producers decided to wheel out the lie-detector test and strapped up all the boys to see who was faking it and who was real.

The most talked about test came from the person who we all thought was the least of a girl’s worries.

Old Jack was asked various questions while in the chair (did he think Dani could be sexier – lied; did he get with her because of her father – undetermined; is there anyone hotter than her in the villa – lied) but only one question really bothered partner Dani.

Although he was found to be telling the truth when asked if he saw a future with her and the prospects of children, he was found to be lying when asked if his “head could be turned on the outside.”

Dani was hurt by the result as she has been cheated on in previous other relationships and things came to a boil beside the campfire.

Jack swore that he was 100% happy and in-love with her but it still didn’t stop a fight from breaking out.

And in the teaser for Tuesday’s show, it ended on a clip of Jack saying the words: “I’m leaving” which as you can imagine, drove everyone insane.

Tonight on 3e at 9:00 will tell the tale.

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