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06th Oct 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis Has Called Irish Activist Sinead Burke Her ‘New Sensei’


Hollywood Actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, has called writer and advocate Sinead Burke, her new sensei.

Which is pretty damn cool considering ”sensei’ in a Japanese honorific term means ‘teacher’ or ‘one who comes before” in English.

Jamie was in town yesterday to talk to Tubridy on the Late Late Show about her new role in the reboot of the horror classic, ‘Halloween’.

She tweeted her praise of Burke saying, “My new Sensei. I am her activist in training because the force is with her. Her mind. Or ideas. Her actions and words. A fierce advocate that we should all follow.”

It’s a pretty cool shout out if we do so say ourselves. But, we’re not surprised – Sinead is pretty damn cool and is currently taking the world by storm in her mission for inclusivity in fashion.

G’wan Sinead.

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