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20th Jan 2021

Joe Exotic not amongst those granted clemency by Trump

Sarah Finnan

Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic was not amongst those to have been pardoned by Trump in his final hours in office.

Yesterday it was revealed that Joe Exotic’s legal team were so confident he would be freed that they already had a limousine ready and waiting for the Netflix star’s release. However, it seems that their trust was misplaced as the controversial zoo owner was not amongst those to have been granted clemency by Donald Trump.

Expected to issue a number of pardons during his final hours in office, Trump did exactly that – granting pardons to 73 different individuals and commuting the sentences of 70 others. Joe Exotic may not have made the former president’s clemency list but it was not without a few familiar names with rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black both making the cut.

Currently serving a 22-year-sentence in Fort Worth, Texas, Joe Exotic was convicted for several counts of animal abuse and partaking in a murder-for-hire scheme against his nemesis Carole Baskin.

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