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20th Dec 2016

Keep Track Of Your Kid’s Location With These Smart Shoes


If you’re a parent and you’re into tech then the latest announcement to come out of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today is right up your street. MediaTek’s 361 Smart Shoe is a children’s sneaker with a difference. The smart shoe has a built in tracker which will allow parents to see their children’s location in real-time on a map. It also comes equipped with geo-fencing technology that will send out an alert when the shoes break a set boundary.

The smart thing about these smart shoes is that the tracker is built into the footwear – an item of clothing that is less likely to come off as opposed to a bracelet or jacket.

The shoes have a wireless battery part that lasts for approx 2-3 days and can be recharged on a charging plate. The 361 Smart Shoe is launching next month in China but by the sound of the internet today, it looks like they might be hitting international shores soon.


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