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21st Feb 2017

Lawyers Called To Winning Streak After Ball Gets Stuck On The Big Wheel Spin


Ireland’s much-loved game show, Winning Streak, had to call in legal help over the weekend after a ball became stuck between two amounts on the wheel spin.

Lawyers had to decide whether the ball could be moved without affecting the end result, which could see someone winning up to €500,000 by spinning the wheel. 

Filming of the TV show, which is pre-recorded on Saturday afternoons before being broadcast that evening, was delayed by one hour.

As reported by the Irish Independent, the National Lottery stated that the hiccup didn’t have any impact on the outcome of the show.

“On Saturday afternoon, during the recording of the Winning Streak TV gameshow, a technical issue occurred which caused a short delay to the filming of the show.

“This did not have any impact on the outcome of the game and the show broadcast at the normal time.”

Limerick man Patrick Langan took home €53,000 after his appearance on the show, making him the big winner of the evening.

Header image: Youtube 

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