This New Irish Watch Brand Is Experiencing Lots Of Hype Around The World

Toc19's hand-wound watch is simple yet stylish

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Are you a watch fan who also likes to support Irish start-ups?

Well, have we got news for you.

Toc Watch, or Toc, is a new watch company based in Dublin. 

They launched their 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on Wednesday, July 26 and hit their target in just 24 hours. 

Since then, Toc Watch has seen great success among watch lovers the world over - featuring on websites such as Watchuseek and Curatigo

Toc’s design style is simple yet stylish. It's been made with the thought of being a unisex watch in mind, although its large diameter might appeal more to the male market. 

With that said there has already been a lot of female buyers as demand for larger dials seems to be an ever-increasing market trend.

And the best bit?

Toc's screen is made out of Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal (the second hardest material known to man - only after diamond) a feature normally only found in high end luxury watches costing close to €1,000 - but the lads behind Toc wanted the best for their clients, so they made it happen.

Keen to know more?

Of course you are. You can check out their Kickstarter link right here

The Toc19 is available for Pre-Order from €189 at the moment with a RRP of €379 from September. (KS Campaign ends August 25)

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