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23rd Oct 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio Stars In Tonight’s Must-See TV Movie

James Fenton

Two words… Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Now that we’ve got your attention, you’ll be pleased to know that the quintessential Hollywood heart-throb is on TG4 tonight, starring in a movie about J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI. 

DiCaprio plays the titular character in J. Edgar, as the film guides us through his 50-year career during which he is credited with introducing such well-known methods as fingerprint identification and forensic testing. 

Despite being a prominent figure in the history of the FBI, Hoover was not without his demons as he served under eight presidents while becoming embroiled in secrets and corruption that could destroy his career. 

Released in 2011, J. Edgar is a fascinating as well as thrilling biopic and DiCaprio was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance, losing out to George Clooney in The Descendants

Judy Dench and Naomi Watts also star in the drama which gets underway on TG4 at 9.30. Check out the trailer below. 

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