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27th Nov 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Darkest Movie Performance Is On Irish TV Tonight

James Fenton

Back in the days before Leonardo DiCaprio got his hands on the elusive Best Actor Oscar for The Revenant, it seems like he was nominated for the prize every year. 

Roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Blood Diamond and The Wolf Of Wall Street got DiCaprio shortlisted before he finally picked up the gong in 2016. 

While not everyone would agree, some would argue that 2010’s Shutter Island is a notable absentee from that list. The tense psychological thriller saw Leo team up with director Martin Scorcese for the fourth time for a movie in which he plays troubled U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels. 

Alongside his partner Chuck (Mark Ruffalo), Teddy travels to a hospital for the criminally insane on, you’ve guessed it, Shutter Island. What transpires is a dark and disturbing investigation with more twists and turns than the River Shannon. 

Anyone who has seen the movie will remember the hammer blow that is revealed near the end as things begin to unravel and the ending has to be one of the most Googled in movie history. 

Multiple theories exist as to what actually happens so you’ll have to tune in tonight to see for yourself. Shutter Island gets underway tonight on TG4 at 9.30pm. Check out the trailer below before strapping yourself in for an exciting night in front of the telly. 

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