Liverpool Fans Are Absolutely Loving The Google Definition Of The Word 'Woe'

A bit harsh?

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After Everton's defeat to Manchester City last night, Liverpool fans will be forgiven for being a little bit peeved at their fierce Merseyside rivals.

A win for the Toffees would have have given Jurgen Klopp's men a significant boost in the Premier League title race but instead The Reds now lie second behind City on goal difference.

The result means Liverpool fans don't have much reason to smile this morning but they do have one organisation on their side in the form of Google. Fans have discovered that when the word 'woe' is looked up, the example sentence used references none other than their old friends from across Stanley Park.

As seen in many a newspaper lately, it reads 'the Everton tale of woe continued...'

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As is to be expected, Liverpool supporters who have spotted the entry haven't been shy about sharing their delight...

Harsh, lads. Nothing will make Everton fans happier than inflicting some woe of their own when the two sides contest the Merseyside Derby on March 3.

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