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13th Jul 2017

Locals Are Calling For This Irish Street To Be Named After Niall Horan


Locals in Mullingar, Westmeath, are petitioning for a special ‘Niall Horan Way’ to be created, naming a street after the town’s most famous export.

Mullingar Councillor Willie Penrose told The Irish Independent that it would be a great asset to the town, and that “if we were to name a street after him, it couldn’t happen to a better man.”

A post calling for the Niall Horan Way appeared on a local Mullingar news Facebook page, with people saying that:

“The Niall Horan Way has a nice ring to it and it could be a great tourist attraction.With the proper designers and artistic display it would add to the musical legacy of our town.”

Niall Horan Way

Meeting House Lane, image: Mullingar News and Views

The street that people are hoping to dedicate to the 1D star is Meeting House Lane.

If you feel like good ol’ Niall should be honoured with a laneway, you can “tell your local County Council representative, or contact the Mullingar Town Team and voice your support for this project.”

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