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18th Nov 2018

Louis Tomlinson Swears On Live Television And It’s Caught On The Microphone

Darragh Berry

You may have missed this the first time around even if you were watching X-Factor extremely closely last night.

X-Factor fans were shocked when former One Direction-er and judge, Louis Tomlinson swore on television after one of the act’s performances.

The 26-year-old judge joined Anthony Russell on stage after he finished performing and dropped the f*** word live on television.

“I’m so proud of you,” he began.

“I thought it was important that you sing this song tonight cause people see how long you’ve been fighting for this opportunity.

“You’re a fighter, you’re a real man, you’re working class, and I love you to pieces.”

Then, he gave the singer from Liverpool a hug and said “I f***ing love you”

You can see the full conversation here.

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