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18th Oct 2017

Louis Walsh Is Narrating A Christmas Movie… For Dogs


Your daily dose of bizarre comes courtesy of Louis Walsh today, as it’s been announced he is narrating a Christmas… for dogs. 

No, not about dogs. For dogs. 

Yep, the music manager turned X-Factor judge is the narrator of ‘Merry Woofmas’, a Christmas movie which is aimed at dogs to help improve their mood. 

You can watch a clip from the film below:

The film is made with special audio and visual stimulation which is known to appeal especially to dogs. 

It tells the story of Holly, a Pyrenean sheepdog who for Christmas just wants a big, juicy bone under the Christmas tree.

Speaking about ‘Merry Woofmas’, Louis said, “I’ve absolutely loved narrating this special Christmas movie for dogs. 

“It’s been really interesting to learn how pets are stimulated by different sounds and I hope they enjoy my voiceover in this film. I’ll definitely be encouraging Sharon and Simon’s dogs to give this a watch with me this Christmas!”

‘Merry Woofmas’ will appear on new channel, Christmas 24 which will show an array of Christmas movies.

The channel will launch this weekend and you will be able to watch the doggie film at 4.50pm on October 28 when it airs on the channel (available on Sky and Virgin) and also on Facebook. 

It’s… different. 

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